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Author Topic: Read and follow everyone  (Read 228 times)


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Read and follow everyone
« on: September 20, 2019, 08:44:06 PM »
All users and members have read access to the forums, with the exception of private areas. Members are also able to engage and post in the forums, after registration is complete. No racism, sexism, or other abuse is tolerated in comments or posts on the forums. Debates and discussion are natural, but users who are rude, insulting, or abusive are liable for account termination. You have the right to express yourself freely, however.

No soliciting of referrals or publicity of any kind is permitted on the forums. Requests for services and spam will be removed on sight by moderators and staff. Illegal content and personal/identifying information are also forbidden and will be removed. Threats and accusations towards ButterflyClixx or staff will not be tolerated and may lead to suspension of forum privileges or account termination. Posts or discussion of topics which may be considered harmful to or prejudicial against ButterflyClixx may be removed.