Payments to Users

Payments may be made through any available gateway at any time. Unlimited requests can only be processed through the gateway which serves as your primary purchase gateway. Other payment processing gateways will be limited to withdrawal requests of amounts equal to payments processed through them. If two gateways have equally the highest amount of payments processed, either may be used for unlimited withdrawal requests.

So long as no reason for review can be found, payment requests will be processed immediately, with a delay of no greater than 24 hours before payment is processed. Minimum amounts begin at $0.50. A fee may be applied according to your payment processing gateway. Only one withdrawal can be requested at any time.

We submit your withdrawal request to the payment processor, after which they make the payment. Once we have submitted the request, liability and support are also transferred to the payment processor. If a payment is stuck pending, contact our support to determine whether we submitted correctly or not. Otherwise, the payment will be cancelled after 30 days.

Payments processed by accounts that have frozen balances, withdrawal limits that are too low, or any other impediments to purchase or payment will be declined. Payment should be requested to the same gateway through which deposits were made. Refunds and chargebacks will not be reimbursed to your Butterfly Clixx balance. Proof of payment should be posted in the forum to receive new payments. Standard members must receive 10% of their earnings from Offerwalls before requesting withdrawals.

Terms of Service

By accessing this website, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service (also hereafter referred to as “Terms”), all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. The materials contained in this website are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law. Registering for and using our service in any way also serves as acceptance of these terms. Acceptance of these Terms also implies acceptance of the terms set forth in our Privacy Policy.

Effective Date: May 22, 2019

Your use and access to Butterfly Clixx (hereafter also referred to as the “Service”) is undertaken with the presumption that you have reviewed and agreed to these Terms of Service (hereafter also referred to as “Terms”). Your rights relating to the Service (as well as ours) and its operation are relayed here.

Will these Terms of Service ever change?

We may update these Terms from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices, or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. Your continued use of the Service implies continued acceptance of the privacy policy. We will do our best to update you in advance of any changes; however, any need for change to comply with legal requirements must be made effective immediately.

User Accounts

Transfer and sale of user accounts is strictly forbidden. Account passwords should never be shared with anyone, and they are stored in an encrypted format by us. We shall not be held liable for any improper password security by users that leads to account compromise.

Only one account can be used per person. Attempts to create multiple accounts and use them simultaneously will lead to their termination. Account payment IDs must also be unique, and only one computer may be used per account. One IP address can be used per day for viewing advertisements, though multiple may be used to log in. Proxies and public networks may not be used for our Service.

User account information, such as e-mail addresses and usernames, will not be displayed or sold for any purpose, unless you have actively chosen to display them on the forums. User requests to modify such information will be ignored. False information will result in suspension of the account in question, and user account information must match payment processing information.

Users must log in at least once per 30-day period in order for their accounts to stay active. If no login occurs within 30 days, the account will go into inactive status. After another 30 days of inactivity (for 60 days total), the account will be closed. All balances, memberships, referrals, and other related account privileges will be reset. Losses cannot be recovered, and Butterfly Clixx shall not be held liable for any such losses.


You may make as many referrals as you like, so long as each referral has a unique email address. No unsolicited or forced referrals will be accepted. False advertising and third-party sale of referrals are also not accepted. Incidents where this is discovered will result in account termination.

Referrals cannot modify their referrers. Referrals may only be rented upon availability and within current membership specifications. Any referrals above the limit will have their earnings deactivated. Allowing a referral to expire will incur a small charge ($0.02-0.05).

We shall not be held liable for any referral activity and make no predictions about their clicks or the earnings you will gain through them. Earnings from their clicks will be credited to your account instantly, or within 24 hours, depending on server load. To receive referral income, members must visit at least one advertisement per day.

Forum Usage

All users and members have read access to the forums, with the exception of private areas. Members are also able to engage and post in the forums, after registration is complete. No racism, sexism, or other abuse is tolerated in comments or posts on the forums. Debates and discussion are natural, but users who are rude, insulting, or abusive are liable for account termination. You have the right to express yourself freely, however.

No soliciting of referrals or publicity of any kind is permitted on the forums. Requests for services and spam will be removed on sight by moderators and staff. Illegal content and personal/identifying information are also forbidden and will be removed. Threats and accusations towards Butterfly Clixx or staff will not be tolerated and may lead to suspension of forum privileges or account termination. Posts or discussion of topics which may be considered harmful to or prejudicial against Butterfly Clixx may be removed.


Each advertisement can be viewed and generate earnings once per 24-hour period. Advertisements that will not be accepted include: ads that break frame, ads containing malicious code or scripts, page redirects, ads containing adult or illegal content, and ads containing referrals or multi-level marketing content.

Ads may not use Butterfly Clixx content, including our name, any logos, or other information related to us, for third-party sales. Ads must load within 10 seconds of being clicked, and website links must be capable of receiving high traffic. We reserve the right to deny any advertisement we deem unfit for our Service.

Anti-Cheat Policy

Any attempts to cheat the system or hack into it will be monitored and logged. Payout requests are heavily scrutinized and if analysis determines any behavior is suspicious, action may be taken. Hacks and other cheating will result in account termination.

Task automation through scripts, autoclickers, or any other means are not tolerated and will be considered cheating. Piracy and attempts to use multiple accounts will both be met with immediate account termination for all accounts involved.

Payments to Butterfly Clixx

Payments and withdrawals are to be made and requested through the links presented on the My Account page. All payments are non-refundable. All chargebacks and declined transactions will result in immediate account termination.

Refund Policy

No refunds of any kind are issued by Butterfly Clixx.

Account Suspension

Accounts may be suspended at any time for any reason deemed valid by Butterfly Clixx, such as violation of these Terms. Suspended accounts have balances reset, referrals cancelled, and receive no refunds.


Butterfly Clixx shall not be held liable for any delays of service or failures in communication or payment processing that are beyond our control. We shall further not be held responsible for the activities or content produced by any of our users, members, advertisers, advertisements, or other suppliers and partners.

We reserve the right to update the Terms of Service at any time. This includes fees, payment terms, offers, benefits, cancellations, and others. Tax information and tax payment is the sole responsibility of the user or member.

Advertisement Claims

All claims made in advertisements on Butterfly Clixx are the sole responsibility of the advertisers. We make no claims as to the veracity of the content and shall not be held liable for it.


Spam is not tolerated anywhere on Butterfly Clixx and will be removed, with offending accounts suspended. Forums may not be used for advertisements. Repeat offenses of solicitation behavior will be met with account suspension. Family friendly behavior is encouraged.

Paid To Promote

All traffic from the following sites is prohibited: autosurf, bot traffic, exchange sites and other tricks to emulate traffic.

Anyone who does not respect these rules will have their account suspended and will be banned.

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